About Us

We are a small Polish company from Poznań. A couple of years ago we started making healthy sweets - the project was called Słodka Cytrynka ("Sweet Lemon" in Polish). Our goal was to manufacture exceptional and healthy sweets, and to make them as technologically advanced as possible. We were able to develop a really broad range of products, always prioritizing the use of natural ingredients, healthy sugars and unusual flavors. Today, Candylize is a group of people passionate about making candy and eager to use the most advanced production technologies. We are definitely an “out of the box” thinkers, always looking for fresh ideas and new challenges. We’ve been testing the most innovative candy manufacturing technologies for years - and we believe that only sky is the limit! This project is very exciting for us, as this is the first time that we’re trying to make ornamented and precise chocolate RPG dice. We hope that you can join us in this adventure! Q WORKSHOP, the company that has created the designs on the dice, is one of the leading world manufacturers of ornamented RPG dice. Its distinctive designs and top-notch quality make them a point of reference when it comes to dice! Learn more about Q WORKSHOP here.

Our History


New business opportunities

Together with Q WORKSHOP team, we have brainstormed a lot, and we have come up with new ideas and shapes, and new unusual ways to make awesome candy. We have also started to work on the prototypes.


Meeting with Q WORKSHOP

This was the year of great meetings! Every day we met many kids and adults enthusiastic about sweets, but one meeting stood out. We'd never thought that the world of games and dice would be so full of new perspectives for us.


First candy

After we've managed to make the lollipops, we decided to buy a special machine for making candy. The first, one-color trials, tasted great! After that, we did our best so that they look great too :)


First unusual lollipops

Here's when we entered the world of candy and decided to make something beautiful and tasty at the same time. It wasn't easy at first!